• Can the grapple saw also be attached to my vehicle/crane?
    The GMT Equipment grapple saw fits virtually any vehicle with a crane with grapple function. View this page for great examples of the grapple saw mounted on different vehicles. For customised technical advice, you can contact your dealer, fill in the online quotation-form or call us on 0031 - 544 370315.
  • Who mounts the grapple saw to my vehicle/crane?
    You, yourself can mount the grapple saw or you can have it done by a GMT Equipment dealer or a third party. Helpful tools can be found in the included manual as also in our GMT Academy. In addition, you can always contact GMT Equipment via telephone, e-mail or WhatsApp for assistance.
  • Can anyone operate the grapple saw?
    Yes, anyone able to operate a crane with grapple can also handle a GMT Equipment grapple saw. Our customers tell us that it takes about a day of working with the grapple saw to familiarise with all the features. Would you like to see references? Let us know, we can connect you with customers who have been using the grapple saw for quite some time.
  • What does a grapple saw cost?
    This is dependent on the grapple saw model and the type of vehicle you own. Complete the online quotation-form as much as possible for a customised quotation.
  • What is the delivery time?
    We usually supply from stock, but this is dependent on the grapple saw model and country you live in. Contact your local dealer for the current delivery times.
  • Does the grapple saw require maintenance?
    Yes, the manual and our GMT Academy will give you information about the best ways to maintain the grapple saw. We recommend that you check several elements using this scheme, to lubricate it and replenish oil. Your dealer or GMT Equipment can provide an entire service and will recommend that this is done once per annum.
  • What is the difference between a grapple saw with TTC (Total Tree Control) and without TTC?
    The grapple saw without TTC allows you to position tension-free and saw, subsequently the sawn part will tilt-down in a controlled way. Using the grapple saws with TTC you can also hold the sawn part in position. In this case not only the tilt-cylinder of the grapple saw is blocked, but this also applies to any movement into every direction in the cardanic suspension between rotator and crane. Flexible positioning and fixed removal with a push of a button.
  • Can I equip a GMT035 and GMT050 grapple saw with the TTC-system afterwards?
    Existing GMT035 grapple saws cannot be converted. It is currently being investigated whether a conversion kit is feasible for new models GMT050 (delivery after 1 September 2020).
  • Which grapple saw is most suitable for my vehicle and crane?
    The table below will help you make the right choice between the different GMT Equipment grapple saws. Do you wish to compare the model specifications? Then look here. If you would like personal advice about the most suitable grapple saw, then contact your dealer or us. We will be happy to serve you!
      GMT035 and
    GMT035 TTC and
    GMT050 TTC
    Truck with recycling/timber crane ++ +
    Truck with loader crane + ++
    Rotating telehandler + ++
    Excavator + ++
    Tractor/Forwarder/Skidder ++ +
  • Will I need a Fly Jib?
    Yes, but only if the grapple saw is mounted onto a truck with loader crane, rotating telescopic handler or excavator. The crane extension will ensure that the grapple saw can move freely and can rotate 360 degrees when the crane is in highest position.
  • Do you also sell used grapple saws?
    Yes, we try to match supply and demand of used GMT grapple saws. Go to www.mascus.com to view the current range.
  • Where can I obtain saw blades, chains and spare parts?
    Your dealer can supply the necessary items. You can also order them from us. Send us a message with the required products or call 0031 544 – 370315 during Dutch office hours.