Generating extra profit with a GMT grapple saw

Find out more about how to generate more business with GMT Equipment's grapple saws. 

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What is the difference between GMT and other grapple saws?

GMT grapple saws contain technical innovations that are unique and patented. These have come along over our many years of experience in this particular field of work, prior to the development of our grapple saws. Our patented technologies are: 

✅ Consider the TTC (Total Tree Control) system. With this system, it is possible to remove tree parts in a fixed position, i.e. the tree section will not tip over after cutting. The tilt cylinder of the grapple saw and all directions of movement are fixed in the cardanic suspension. Flexible installation and fixed removal at the push of a button! This system gives great manoeuvrability and flexibility. The grapple saw can oscillate freely and rotate 360 degrees. This makes it possible to cut trees into small pieces and remove them directly to a container or shredder. This has many advantages for your profitability.

✅ In addition, the patented valve block allows plug & play installation of the grapple saw without any modifications to the vehicle or the crane.


The quality of GMT grapple saws is also indisputable:
The GMT grapple saw is characterised by its robust design based on years of practical knowledge and very high-quality workmanship. This guarantees a very long life. More than 1,500 GMT grapple saws have already been delivered. There are hardly any second-hand offers, even the oldest grapple saws (more than 12 years old) are still used daily.



Can I see a mathematical example showing the extra profit (from a GMT grapple saw)?

Click on the first image and read the text/question below it. Do this for all images. Then you can start calculating.

<b>1.</b> First answer this question: what would you charge for removing this tree in €?
<b>2.</b> Is this about your rate for removing this tree traditionally?
<b>3.</b> These are the average implementation costs per tree with the GMT method
<b>4.</b> These are the average fixed costs per tree with the GMT method

So, all in all:

Costs for traditional removal: €640
Cost of GMT method removal: €135

  • Calculate your extra profit!
  • Calculate your time savings!

Of course, this remains a calculation example. It is best to tailor it to your own situation and actual costs. We would be interested to hear your conclusion and the actual savings you could achieve.

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