How to install a GMT grapple saw?

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the installation and adjustment of a GMT grapple saw.

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How to install on telehandler

When using a rotating telehandler with only one double hydraulic function, a 6/2 valve should be installed on the jib. A different special valve has to be installed on this valve (these valves are not supplied as standard), which will generate the second double hydraulic function. An electric signal will take care of the controls for the second double function that is being created: the rotation of the grapple.

Please contact us directly if you have questions on installing the drain valve or 6/2-valve.



How to fill the accumulator

When filling the accumulator becomes necessary more frequently during normal operation, please check the following items:

  • Check tilt cylinder for possible leakages

If this part is in order and the problem still occurs, please contact us directly!


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How can I solve the problem of the saw blade staying extended, or not retracting?

When the saw blade does not extend when the grapple close function is fully activated, please check the following items:

  •   check if the ball valve on the saw casing side is open
  •   check if the saw chain is jammed
  •   check the settings of valve 1

If all parts are in order and the problem still occurs, please contact us directly!

Is the saw blade not retracting? Please watch the video below.



How do I adjust the pressure settings?

The video below explains how to adjust the pressure settings.

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