How do I maintain my GMT grapple saw?

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How do I carry out daily maintenance?

The grapple saw must be lubricated in the morning before work commences, or at the end of the day when work is complete. Please note! There are 13 grease nipples.

  • 6 greasing nipples on the 3 cylinders
  • 2 greasing nipples on the reaction arm
  • 3 greasing nipples on the grapple claws
  • 1 greasing nipple on the saw motor. Note! Do not grease with cold weather and not too often. This is to do with the seals of the saw bearings.
  • 1 greasing nipple on the grapple frame / tilt frame connection



Afbeelding: lubrication

During the lubrication process, check for defective hydraulic hoses, loose bolts, play in the axles, etc.

This lubrication advice only applies if the grapple saw is subjected to regular use and conditions. In case of heavy use or extreme conditions (high temperatures, dust, etc.), more frequent lubrication will be required. Remove eventual snow, ice and dirt before commencing work.

For a complete maintenance schedule on your GTM grapple saw see table below:

Afbeelding: Maintenance schedule


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How to refill chain oil

Seen from the front, the chain oil reservoir is located on the right side of the tilt frame. This oil should be replenished when work commences or ends. This small reservoir has a volume of approximately 2 litres.

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