How to optimally operate?

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions concerning the use and optimal operation of your GMT grapple saw.

If you experience any problems during use or need personal support, please contact us personally.

How does the grapple saw work?

Let’s start with the basics. Watch the videos below to get an idea of how GMT grapple saws work. 

You can see, among other things, how the grapple saw can rotate and move, and which joystick actions lead to which movements of the grapple saw. There are two videos differentiating between the basic grapple saws (GMT035 & GMT050) and the two grapple saws with the TTC system (GMT035 TTC & GMT050 TTC). 

GMT035 and GMT050


GMT035 TTC and GMT050 TTC

Do you want to learn more? Be sure to check out our tips and tricks!

Download the tips & tricks PDF

How to optimally use your grapple saw in urban areas

The video below shows a great example on how to make the most of your GMT grapple saw in city areas.

The first part of the video shows a tree felling job close to a house and a parked car. By making use of the fact that the GMT grapple saw can be moved around the tree to make cuts from various sides, the operator is able to control the felling direction and prevent damage to surrounding objects. This way, felling tree branches in urban areas is no issue anymore.

The second part of the video gives you a good step-by-step overview on how to remove a tree with the GMT grapple saw. Working from top to bottom, cutting pieces that fit directly in the container, always keeping the tree balanced.


How to warm up a GMT grapple saw

During winter conditions, you might face some difficulties in operating your grapple saw due to thick oil. Warming up of the oil should help you to get started smoothly. Warm up your grapple saw by operating the grapple open-function at 100% and rotating the machine for several minutes with the rotator. Do NOT use grapple close and saw function! (Saw function is only designed for a single cut, not for continuously running, due to the size of the accumulator.)

How to estimate weight of a tree part

The greatest danger involves underestimating the weight of the tree or branch being cut.
You can read how to estimate the weight on this page. You will also find a number of other handy tips and rules of thumb there.


How to perform a multiple cut with your GMT grapple saw

Always take maximum load of the grapple saw and the carrying vehicle into account before performing a multiple cut on bigger tree parts.

It is possible to cut bigger tree parts by making a double or even a triple cut. To do this, you have to be able approach the tree from both sides to ensure a clean and complete cut. The second cut should be at the same height or a little bit higher to prevent the saw from jamming. The maximum possible tree diameters with a double cut are:

This video is a perfect example on how to fell a tree safely and efficiently, including when performing a multiple cut (1:55).




Do you also offer training?

We can offer training according to your wishes. Please contact us for this


Does it take a lot of practice to get started with a GMT grapple saw?

We hear from our customers that after a day's work with the grapple saw, they have mastered all the functions. Do you want references? Please let us know, we can put you in touch with customers who have been using the grapple saw for a long time.

If I can operate a crane with a grapple, can I also operate a GMT grapple saw?

Yes, anyone who can operate a crane with a grapple can also operate a GMT equipment grapple saw.


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