Plug & play operation thanks to the extension arm

Makes all crane brands and types directly suitable for use with a GMT grapple saw.

GMT extension arms

Thanks to the GMT extension arms and crane point adapters, all our grapple saws are Plug & Play compatible with every crane regardless of type or brand. This means that your current crane vehicle will be able to prune and remove trees in a mechanised manner in no time at all.

These extension arms are required to ensure the grapple saw can move freely and rotate 360 degrees when your crane is in the highest position and can easily manoeuvre in the crown of a  tree. Not every crane can do this without an extension arm.

Standard solutions for every crane brand
Our engineering department has designed a directly connectable extension arm for practically all crane brands. These are ready for delivery in our warehouse. Maybe to you? Because a ready-made extension arm is also available for your crane. Connecting a GMT grapple saw to your crane (vehicle) is a piece of cake.


extensiearm gmt
Makes cranes suitable for a grapple saw
Makes cranes suitable for a grapple saw
Plug & play connection to a GMT grapple saw with extension arm
Smart customisation
Smart customisation
Customisation based on standard solutions
For all brands and types of cranes
For all brands and types of cranes
Plug & play for every crane brand. If we don’t have it, we’ll make it
Robust and durable design
Robust and durable design
Tough design specifically for tree work





An impression

Extension arms
Extension arms
Extension arms
Extension arms
Extension arms
Extension arms
Extension arms





Extension arms for all crane-bearing vehicles and crane makes

GMT extension arms are suitable for all brands and types of cranes. With a GMT extension arm, you can make your vehicle suitable for mechanical tree felling, without the need for technical modifications to your crane. Extension arms are also suitable for all our grapple saws. 



Afbeelding: Fly Jib Knuckleboom (800x600)

For truck mounted cranes (fixed)

Do you have a truck-mounted crane and want to use it to mechanise tree felling? Then this extension arm and the GMT grapple saw (with or without TTC) is what you need. With a GMT extension arm, you (or your dealer) can easily mount a GMT grapple saw on the truck’s loading crane, regardless of the brand. The extension arm prevents the grapple saw from touching the crane beam when the crane is almost upright. In order to make the extension arm fit your specific truck-mounted crane, we need the dimensions of the last section of your crane. If you proceed to order, we will ask you to pass it on. 



Afbeelding: Verreiker Top

For telehandlers

Use this extension arm in combination with a GMT grapple saw to start felling trees. The GMT extension arm easily mounts to your rotary telehandler, regardless of the brand. You can then attach a GMT grapple saw (with or without TTC) to the extension arm. Our extension arm is specially designed for felling and pruning work: all hoses and specific components are well protected, allowing the telehandler to reach the crown of a tree with ease. The extension is available as standard for Manitou, Magni and Merlo (ZM2 + ZM3) telehandlers. All other brands are possible after consultation.

For wood loading cranes, tractors, skidders and forwarders

Do you use a wood loading crane, tractor, skidder or forwarder?

In order to use a GMT grapple saw (GMT035 or GMT050) properly, no extension arm is required.
Do you have one of these vehicles and would like to work with a grapple saw with TTC functionality (GMT035 TTC or GMT050 TTC)? Then an extension arm is needed. These will also be plug & play on your vehicle and crane, regardless of the type or brand of the crane. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Skidder with GMT035 grapple saw without TTC functionality. No extension arm is needed here.
If you do opt for TTC, we will supply a small extension arm as shown below.

Technical specifications

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Schermafbeelding 2022-08-18 om 16.36.51
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Making Tree Work Safe and Efficient!

Using the GMT Equipment grapple saw, quick coupler and extension arm saves time, costs and manpower.
This keeps the total lifetime costs down and makes your business more profitable.