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GMT Equipment Fly Jib

With a GMT Fly Jib you can easily install a GMT grapple saw on the loader crane of your truck or on your telehandler. This crane extension is needed to ensure free movement and a 360 degrees rotation of the grapples saw, when the crane is in an upright position.

GMT Fly Jib FSGMT Fly Jib FYGMT Fly Jib FFGMT Fly Jib FT

Models GMT Fly Jib

GMT Fly Jibs are suitable for all makes of loader cranes and telehandlers, where the telescopic part or the fork carriage can be adjusted accordingly.

Standard fixed Fly Jib FS

The standard fixed Fly Jib FS includes all additional hydraulic lines and quick coupler unit pre-mounted for easy connection to the crane’s hydraulics. A standard link and rotator are all that are needed to complete your set. This Fly Jib is a perfect solution when you are able to leave the crane, Fly Jib and grapple saw on the back of your truck when moving around.

Y-link fixed Fly Jib FY

In the Y-link fixed Fly Jib FY hydraulic lines are protected inside the Fly Jib which will make your machine even more robust. These benefits can only be achieved in combination with the special Y-link and corresponding rotator.

Folding Fly Jib FF

The folding Fly Jib FF allows you to disconnect the grapple saw, rotator and link in one go with a quick connector. The Fly Jib can then easily be retracted into the upper section of the crane.

Telehandler Fly Jib FT

A grapple saw cannot be directly attached to a standard Fly Jib made by the telehandler manufacturer. GMT Equipment can, however, supply a suitable Fly Jib for every telehandler brand.

Why a GMT Fly Jib?

  • Attach your GMT grapple saw to any loader crane or telehandler
  • Make your truck with loader crane or telehandler more versatile
  • Robust design: long lifespan

GMT Fly Jib in combination with the GMT grapple saw and the GMT C10 Quick coupler

Want to save time, costs and manpower? Combine the GMT grapple saw and Fly Jib with the Quick coupler GMT C10. This gives you greater flexibility. The smart construction means you don’t have to adapt your machine. It allows you to quickly and easily switch between the grapple saw and other equipment on your crane.

The GMT Equipment grapple saws are suitable for all rigid vehicles with cranes. Good examples are trucks, telehandlers, excavators, tractors, forwarders and skidders. You simply mount the grapple saw on the crane of the carrying vehicle. It is also possible to switch off the saw function and use the grapple like a normal wood grapple. This is particularly useful when loading and unloading your vehicle.

Making Tree Work Safe and Efficient!

By using the GMT Equipment grapple saw, quick coupler and Fly Jib you can save in man-hours and materials. This means that the total costs over the entire lifespan are low, making the GMT grapple saw a profitable investment.

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