Weight FS/FY/FF
60/60/80 kg | 132/132/176 lbs
Max. load
2000 kg | 4400 lbs
GMT FS vrijgesteld
GMT FY vrijgesteld
GMT FF vrijgesteld
General information
Attach your GMT grapple saw to a loader crane

With the GMT Fly jib you can easily install a GMT035 or GMT050 grapple saw at the loader crane of your truck. This crane extension is needed to ensure free movement and a 360 degrees rotation of the grapples saw, when the crane is in a upright position. You don’t need this Fly Jib when using a timber or recycling crane.

Standard fixed Fly Jib FS

The standard fixed Fly Jib FS includes all additional hydraulic lines and quick coupler unit pre mounted for easy connect to your cranes hydraulics. A standard link and rotator will be sufficient to complete your set. This Fly Jib is a perfect solution when you are able to store crane, Fly Jib and grapple saw on the back of your truck during movements. When the crane has to be folded completely for transport, the complete Fly Jib has to be removed. In this case the fold version Fly Jib FF might be a better solution.

Fixed Y-link Fly Jib FY

With the fixed Y-link Fly Jib FY hydraulic lines are protected inside the Fly Jib which will make your machine more durable. These benefits can only be achieved in combination with the special Y-link and rotator for Y-link.

Fold version Fly Jib FF (patent pending)

When your crane needs to be folded completely when moving the truck, the grapple saw together with fixed Fly Jib have to be removed completely. When using the Fly Jib fold version FF you can unhook grapple saw, rotator and link as a set via a quick connector. Next the Fly Jib can easily be folded in the upper section of the crane.

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Technical specifications
Technical specifications
Fly Jib GMT FS  
Weight 60 kg | 132 lbs
Max. load 2000 kg | 4400 lbs
Fly Jib GMT FY  
Weight 60 kg | 132 lbs
Max. load 2000 kg | 4400 lbs
Fly Jib GMT FF  
Weight 80 kg | 176 lbs
Max. load 2000 kg | 4400 lbs


GMT Fly Jibs are compatible with all type of loader cranes.


Crane measurements when ordering GMT Fly Jib

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