Grapple saw GMT035

230 kg/500 lbs.
Max. diameter saw cut
35 cm/14 "
Max. load
1500 kg/3300 lbs
gmt equipment
gmt equipment
gmt equipment
gmt equipment
gmt equipment
gmt equipment
gmt equipment
gmt equipment
gmt equipment
General information
Sawing, pruning and transporting trees with one machine

Do you need to saw trees with less manpower but still work quickly and efficiently? With the grapple saw from GMT Equipment, you can saw, fell, prune and transport trees with one machine. GMT Equipment also supplies the assembly system for the grapple saw GMT035.

Felling grapple GMT035

We like to make life easy! Simply mount the grapple GMT035 on the container truck. It is fairly obvious, how it is to be used. Extra hoses are not required; ideal for our clients. And even more important? You are working in complete safety; a cherry picker is not required!

Reduced manpower

One team is all that’s needed to saw trees, bring the sections to the ground, gather them together, cut them up and transport them. So, you don't need as many people. Thanks to the low-maintenance construction, the grapple saw GMT035 is a responsible, long-term investment.

Time benefits with the quick coupler

Want to save time, costs and manpower? Combine the felling head with the quick coupler GMTC10. This gives you greater flexibility. The smart construction means you don’t have to adapt your machine. You mount and change the grapple quickly and easily.

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GMT035 part of the Heartland truck of Altec

Since 2017, the GMT035 is part of the Heartland Truck of Altec: a Freightliner truck with an Effer knuckle boom crane (a folding crane) and the GMT035 grapple saw. Using this ‘Self-Contained Tree-Removal Unit’, tree care becomes safer and more efficient. 

About this cooperation

Technical specifications
Technical specifications
Grapple open capacity 850 mm
Weight 230 kg
Max. load 1500 kg/3300 lbs
Recommended pump capacity 40 ltr
Operating pressure 180/250 bar
Length sawing blade 450 mm
Chain type 2 mm 404” 58 links
Maximum diameter saw cut 350 mm
Volume oil reservoir 2 ltr
Saw motor 10 cc

How to install the GMT035


How to install the grapple saw GMT035

How does it work?


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