Grapple saw GMT050

395 kg | 870 lbs
Max. diameter saw cut
50 cm | 20"
Max. load
2500 kg | 5500 lbs
grapple saw GMT050
grapple saw GMT050
grapple saw
grapple saw
grapple saw GMT
GMT grapple saw
grapple saw GMT050
General information
Saw and transport trees with your truck

For container trucks from 14 tons/metre, we have developed the grapple saw GMT050. The grapple saw with tilting function, hydraulic controls and tilting frame is mounted on the crane’s standard grapple function. So you can use your truck crane to saw trees with a diameter up to 50 cm and then load these sections directly onto your truck. With the large opening capacity, you can use this grapple saw to load and unload logs. 

Grapple for city jobs

The grapple saw combines various advantages and functions in one machine. It enables you to fell, shorten, chip and transport trees, with the highest possible control comfort. This grapple with saw can be mounted on any crane with grapple. A simple, efficient system for our customers, without additional hoses. And safe because climbing trees is no longer necessary. You can mount the grapple saw on many machines, such as on a truck, excavator, telehandler, tractor, forwarder and skidder.

Safely clear wood after storms

Fallen trees are often under great tension and this makes the clearance task dangerous. Mount the GMT050 on your skidder and you have the ideal combination for clearing storm wood. The tree is safely cut into sections and laid out, ready for transport. Because of the fact that the grapple saw is hung on the mounting, it can tackle both upright logs and those that are lying flat. 

Time benefits: combine the grapple saw with the quick coupler

Want to save time, costs and manpower? For greater flexibility, combine the grapple saw with the quick coupler GMTC10. The smart construction means you don’t have to adapt your machine. You mount and change the grapple quickly and easily. 

Technical specifications
Technical specifications
Grapple open capacity 122 cm | 48"
Weight 395 kg | 870 lbs
Max. load 2500 kg | 5500 lbs
Recommended pump capacity 45-80 ltr/min
Max operating pressure 25 MPa | 250 bar | 3626 psi
Length saw bar 64 cm | 25"
Chain type 2 mm 404” 74 links
Maximum diameter saw cut 50 cm | 20"
Volume oil reservoir 2 ltr
Saw motor 10 cc



How does it work?


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