Safe and efficient pruning and removal of trees with only one machine

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Grapple Saw: felling and grabbing trees with one machine

Do you need to saw trees with less manpower but still work quickly and efficiently? With the grapple saw from GMT Equipment, you can saw, fell, prune and transport trees with one machine. The GMT grapple saws enable smaller sections of a tree to be removed and to be cleared away immediately. Therefore, directly off the tree into a container or chipper without touching the ground and causing damage by falling wood. This means saving up to 60% in man-hours and materials.

For over more than 10 years the GMT tree felling equipment is the best solution for safe and efficient pruning and removal of trees within cities and along roads, railways and waterways.

Grapple saw GMT035
Grapple saw GMT050
Grapple saw GMT035
Grapple saw GMT035 TTC
Grapple saw GMT050 TTC
Grapple saw GMT050
Grapple saw GMT035 TTC
Grapple saw GMT050 TTC

GMT grapple saw models

The product range includes the GMT035, GMT050, GMT035 TTC and GMT050 TTC. The GMT Equipment felling heads are suitable for all rigid vehicles with cranes. Good examples are trucks, telehandlers, excavators, tractors, forwarders and skidders.

Compare our grapple saws

Compare the different GMT Equipment grapple saws and discover which grapple saw suits you best.

Maximum opening widthGMT03585 cm | 33"GMT035 TTC85 cm | 33"GMT050122 cm | 48"GMT050 TTC122 cm | 48"
Maximum cutting diameterGMT035ø 40 cm | 16"GMT035 TTCø 40 cm | 16"GMT050ø 50 cm | 20"GMT050 TTCø 50 cm | 20"
Minimum cutting diameterGMT035ø 5 cm | 2"GMT035 TTCø 5 cm | 2"GMT050ø 8 cm | 3"GMT050 TTCø 8 cm | 3"
Tilt + Link blockingGMT035NoGMT035 TTCYesGMT050NoGMT050 TTCYes
Weight grapple sawGMT035245 kg | 540 lbsGMT035 TTC245 kg | 540 lbsGMT050395 kg | 870 lbsGMT050 TTC395 kg | 870 lbs
Maximum workloadGMT0351500 kg | 3300 lbsGMT035 TTC1500 kg | 3300 lbsGMT0502500 kg | 5500 lbsGMT050 TTC2500 kg | 5500 lbs
Recommended pump flow capacityGMT03535-65 litres/minuteGMT035 TTC35-65 litres/minuteGMT05045-80 litres/minuteGMT050 TTC45-80 litres/minute
Maximum operational pressureGMT035250 bar | 3626 psiGMT035 TTC250 bar | 3626 psiGMT050250 bar | 3626 psiGMT050 TTC250 bar | 3626 psi
Length saw bladeGMT03546 cm | 18"GMT035 TTC52 cm | 20"GMT05064 cm | 25"GMT050 TTC64 cm | 25"
Actual length saw bladeGMT03535 cm | 14"GMT035 TTC40 cm | 16"GMT05050 cm | 20"GMT050 TTC50 cm | 20"
Saw motorGMT03510 cc piston motorGMT035 TTC10 cc piston motorGMT05010 cc piston motorGMT050 TTC10 cc piston motor
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Grapple saw GMT035 and GMT050

Grapple saws GMT035 and GMT050 enable trees to be removed in sections. Flexible, tension-free grasping, sawing and controlled felling. These grapple saws have proven themselves for more than 10 years in a variety of situations. The GMT035 has a relatively low weight, only 245 kg, and is therefore most suitable for a low-weight crane from approximately 5 tons/meter. With this felling head you can cut trees up to a cutting diameter of 14 inches.

The GMT050 grapple saw is the ideal tree felling equipment for cranes with approximately 10 tons/meter. With a maximum cutting diameter of 20 inches, you can fell almost any tree. Easy installation of the grapple saw within 2 hours and no additional hydraulic lines or electric control cables are required because of the patented valve block.

Grapple saw GMT035 TTC and GMT050 TTC

The GMT035 TTC and GMT050 TTC are almost identical to the GMT035 and GMT050, but feature the patent pending TTC system. TTC stands for Total Tree Control and these grapple saws have been specially developed to make it possible to hold tree parts after the moment of sawing. Not only is the tilt cylinder of the grapple blocked, but so is the movement in all directions in the cardanic suspension between rotator and crane. That means: flexible installation and fixed removal at the push of a button!

Would you like to receive personal advice on which grapple saw best suits your vehicle? Contact us, we look forward to assisting you.

How does the grapple saw work?

GMT035 and GMT050

GMT035 TTC and GMT050 TTC

The advantages of a GMT grapple saw

  • Fast and safe removal of trees
  • Suitable for all vehicles with a crane
  • Easy installation
  • Just one person needed on the ground
  • Save up to 60% in man-hours and materials
  • Directly from the tree into the container or chipper
  • Hardly any clean-up work after felling

GMT grapple saw in combination with the Quick coupler GMT C10 and a GMT Fly Jib

Want to save time, cost and manpower? Combine the GMT grapple saw with the GMT C10 Quick coupler and a GMT Fly Jib. The Quick coupler gives you greater flexibility. The smart construction means you don’t have to adapt your machine. It allows you to quickly and easily switch between the grapple saw and other equipment on your crane. With a GMT Fly Jib you can easily install a GMT grapple saw on the loader crane of your truck or on your telehandler.

The GMT Equipment grapple saws are suitable for all rigid vehicles with cranes. Good examples are trucks, telehandlers, excavators, tractors, forwarders and skidders. You simply mount the grapple saw on the crane of the operating vehicle. It is also possible to switch off the saw function and use the grapple like a normal wood grapple. This is particularly useful when loading and unloading your vehicle.

  • 1

    Safety first: grapple holds tree trunk at maximum pressure, before cutting starts

  • 2

    Horizontal back ribs to secure tree trunk from slipping in every position

  • 3

    Tilt cilinder blocked when sawfunction is enabled allowing you to control tipping of tree trunks after cutting. On a model with Total Tree Control: not only is the tilt cylinder of the grapple blocked, but so is the movement in all directions in the cardanic suspension, to enable tree sections to be held after sawing

  • 4

    Patented manifold enables plug-and-play installation without any changes to your crane or vehicle

  • 5

    Easy accessible manual operated ball valve to block sawfunction allows you to use the machine as a normal grapple

  • 6

    Saw oil tank capacity enough for a full working day

  • 7

    Compatible with all 173 mm rotator types. On a model with Total Tree Control, rotator, link and crane point are included

  • 8

    All components made of high quality Weldox steel

  • 9

    Special designed saw bar prevents losing your chain

  • 10

    Chain tensioner based on many years of field experience

  • 11

    Hydraulic lines are well protected

Making Tree Work Safe and Efficient!

Using the GMT Equipment grapple saw, quick coupler and Fly Jib means you save man-hours and materials. It also means lower total costs over the entire service life, making the GMT grapple saw a profitable investment.

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