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Easily change attachments. Suitable for every crane.

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GMT C10 quick coupler: Do more work with one machine

Changing equipment on your crane is often a time-consuming task. That this takes an hour or even two is the rule rather than the exception. Could this not be done in 5 or 10 minutes?
Yes, it’s possible! With our unique GMT C10 quick coupler system, you will soon be able to change attachments quickly.

Suitable for every crane 
The quick coupler is suitable for every crane and has a unique robust design. The quick coupler is mounted between the rotator and the equipment. The GMT C10 quick coupler comes with all necessary parts for assembly, including bolts and hydraulic couplings. No adjustment to your crane is required, so you can get started right away!
Do you also want to save time, costs and manpower?

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Snelwissel GMT C10
Plug & play for every crane
Plug & play for every crane
Without adjustments to your crane
Change equipment in 5 min.
Change equipment in 5 min.
Save time and costs on manpower
Two hydraulic couplings
Two hydraulic couplings
Solid and flexible connection
Low in weight, high in workload
Low in weight, high in workload
Weighs 25 kg, carries up to 10,000 kg





An overview

Quickly disconnect a grapple thanks to the GMT C10 quick coupler
Undoing the bolts
The new equipment with quick coupler
Quick coupler
Tightening the bolts
Coupling the hydraulic hose lines
Securing the hoses
 C10 quick coupler with lifting hook (red)
Afbeelding: logo snelwissel c10

Technical specifications

Weight 25 kg | 55 lbs
Height  10 cm | 4"
Maximum working load  10000 kg | 22000 lbs
Mounting holes Ø 173 mm
Assembly bolts 6 x M16 kl.12.9

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Combine the quick coupler with the GMT extension arm and GMT grapple saw

Want to save even more time, money and manpower? Combine the grapple saw and quick coupler with the GMT extension arm. With this, you can easily (Plug & Play) install a GMT grapple saw on the crane of, for example, your truck, telehandler or other base vehicle.

GMT grapple saws fit any base machine, such as trucks, excavators, telehandlers, tractors, forwarders and skidders. You can easily mount our grapple saws to your crane, because everything (extension arm and quick coupler) is delivered to you as a plug & play set. Our grapple saws can also be used as a normal wood grapple when you switch off the saw function. This is particularly useful when loading and unloading your vehicle.


Making Tree Work Safe and Efficient!

With the GMT C10 quick coupler, you can do more in less time, save costs and make your business more profitable.
All for a small investment. Are you curious about the price of a quick coupler? Feel free to ask for a quote or contact us.