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Quick coupler GMT C10: do more with one machine

Want to save time, costs and manpower? For greater flexibility, combine the GMT Equipment grapple saw with the Quick coupler GMT C10. The smart construction means you don’t have to adapt your machine. You are able to easily switch between the grapple saw and other equipment on your crane.

Quick coupler GMT C10

Sawing and loading trees with the quick coupler

The GMT C10 quick coupler allows you to quickly and easily switch between the grapple saw and other equipment on your crane. The GMT quick coupler has a unique, robust design and is mounted between the rotator and equipment.


Technische specificaties

Gewicht 25 kg | 55 lbs
Hoogte  10 cm | 4"
Maximale werklast 10000 kg | 22000 lbs
Steekcirkel montage gaten Ø 173 mm
Montage bouten 6 x M16 kl.12.9

Why the GMT Quick coupler?

  • No need to adapt the crane
  • Change attachments in a few minutes
  • Solid connection
  • Can turn in all directions
  • Only two hydraulic quick couplings
  • Low weight

Quick coupler GMT C10 in combination with a GMT grapple saw and a GMT Fly Jib

Want to save time, costs and manpower? Combine the GMT grapple saw and Quick coupler with a GMT Fly Jib. With a GMT Fly Jib you can easily install a GMT grapple saw on the loader crane of your truck or on your telehandler.

The GMT Equipment grapple saws are suitable for all rigid vehicles with cranes. Good examples are trucks, telehandlers, excavators, tractors, forwarders and skidders. You simply mount the grapple saw on the crane of the carrying vehicle. It is also possible to switch off the saw function and use the grapple like a normal wood grapple. This is particularly useful when loading and unloading your vehicle.

Making Tree Work Safe and Efficient!

By using the GMT Equipment grapple saw, quick coupler and Fly Jib you can save in man-hours and materials. This means that the total costs over the entire lifespan are low, making the GMT grapple saw a profitable investment.

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