Grapple saw for excavator

Make your mobile crane or caterpillar crane suitable for sawing work with the grapple saw GMT035 and GMT050 from GMT Equipment. With these grapple saws, your work will be safer because you’ll no longer need to use a cherry-picker. Move the grapple saw off the ground in any position in order to fell a tree. This is more efficient.

Everything with one team

Sawing trees, lowering sections to the ground, gathering or transporting: everything done by one team and with the same machine. That’s how you save on manpower. Another advantage? The low-maintenance construction means the grapple saw lasts longer and constitutes a sensible, long-term investment.

Easy to install the grapple saw on your excavator

The grapple saw is mounted quickly and easily to your excavator. The patented valve block means no extra hoses and/or control cables are required. More benefits: fuel consumption is low and extra controls are not required.

The grapple saw can be used with which excavators?

Examples of excavators that can be fitted with the grapple saw GMT035 and GMT050 are Atlas, CAT, Hitachi, Kubota, Liebherr, Lonking en Volvo. Take a look at the photos and video of the grapple saw GMT035 to see the options!

excavator grapple saw
grapple saw for excavator
grapple saw for excavator