Forwarder with grapple saw

The forwarder gives you even more options with the GMT Equipment grapple saw. You can remove trees from rough terrain even more safely and efficiently. The GMT felling head works quickly and is ideal for removing trees along the edge of a forest, a woodland path, windbreak or along streams. Its low weight and large field diameter mean the GMT grapple saw can also be used for harvesting wood for energy. Profitable and a huge labor saving !

Saw trees safely

It’s safer to use the felling head. Because the grapple grips the tree, the various bits won’t fall to the ground. You control the grapple saw from the ground! In short: full control when lowering sections of tree to the ground.

Easy to install

Mount the GMT grapple saw, without any technical adjustments, to any forwarder that is suitable for a standard wood grapple. The patented valve block means no extra hoses and/or control cables are required. Carry out your sawing tasks with the GMT felling head from now on, and you’ll need fewer personnel.

Which forwarders can the GMT grapple saw be used with?

Which forwarders can the grapple saw be mounted to? On forwarders from EcoLogJohn DeereKomatsu, Logset, PonsseWelte, HSM, Valmet and Gremo. Take a look at the photos and videos to see forwarders with a GMT Equipment grapple saw in action!

Forwarder with GMT Equipment grapple saw
Forwarder with GMT Equipment grapple saw
Forwarder with GMT Equipment grapple saw