Skidder with grapple saw

Do you work with a forestry tractor such as a skidder, for towing tree trunks or long logs? Increase the versatility of your skidder with the grapple saw GMT035 or GMT050 from GMT Equipment, so that you can saw trees anywhere. No extra manpower required. Just mount the felling head to the skidder's grapple.

Use the grapple saw for

  • Harvesting wood for energy (residual wood)
  • Tree maintenance, such as pruning or crowning trees
  • Felling complete trees
  • Tree maintenance along green walls and greenbelts
  • Tree maintenance along motorways, train tracks and waterways
  • Clearance after a storm

Everything with one team

Sawing trees, cutting the crown into sections, loading and transporting: everything done by one team and with the same machine. That’s how you save on manpower. Another advantage? The low-maintenance construction means the felling head lasts longer and constitutes a sensible, long-term investment.

The felling head can be used with which skidders?

Which brands of skidder can be fitted with the felling head GMT035? The Bell Logger, HSM, John Deere and NOE. Take a look at the photos and video to see the grapple saw GMT035 in action!

Skidder grapple saw
Skidder grapple saw
Skidder grapple saw