Telehandler with grapple saw

A telehandler has a wide range because of its telescopic arm. Broaden the purpose of your telehandler with the grapple saw of GMT Equipment. The unique combination enables smaller sections of a tree to be removed and to be cleared away immediately. Therefore, directly off the tree into a container or chipper without touching the ground and causing damage by falling wood.

Easy to install the grapple saw on your telehandler

The grapple saw is mounted quickly and easily to your telehandler. The patented valve block means no extra hoses and/or control cables are required.

Tree maintenance with your rotating telehandler

Perform tree maintenance with your own rotating telehandler. The grapple saw is perfect for tree maintenance along roads, railways, waterways, parks, green walls and green areas. The grapple saw saves manpower. Transport tree debris to your vehicles in one single pass. Start working productive, quick and efficient. In addition, working with the grapple saw is very safe, because climbing trees for maintenance is no longer necessary.

Compatible telehandlers with the GMT grapple saw

Some compatible telehandler brands that work with our grapple saw: Dieci, Magni, Manitou and Merlo.

Watch our photos and videos of telehandlers in action with the GMT Equipment grapple saw. You can see telehandlers combined with the grapple saw working on high altitudes sawing trees in a controlled way.

Telehandler with GMT Equipment grapple saw
Telehandler with GMT Equipment grapple saw
Telehandler with GMT Equipment grapple saw