GMT035 part of the Heartland truck of Altec

GMT035 part of the Heartland truck of Altec

December 13th, 2016

Gierkink Machine Techniek (GMT Equipment) has been working for years with various dealers across the globe. GMT has entered a unique collaboration with the American company Altec, the biggest player in the American market in the production of tree-care equipment. In a large-scale event, Altec puts the GMT035 on the market as a part of the Heartland truck: a Freightliner truck with an Effer knuckle boom crane (a folding crane) and the GMT035 felling head. On November 10th, 11th and 12th, this remote controlled tree-removal truck was already presented majestically during TCI EXPO in Baltimore.

Altec has spent a year testing this combination extensively, in which it used the functions of both the truck and the GMT035 under the most extreme circumstances. During these tests, the GMT035 was proven to be stable and mainly safe as a grapple saw. The fact that the GMT035 has passed the tests with no problems means that Altec has full confidence in this smart solution.

Advantages of the Altec Heartland truck

The Altec Heartland (EC175-5S-FG) has many advantages:

  • Removes trees safely, even under water
  • Saws only when the grapple is completely clasped on the wood; this sharply reduces any operating errors and falling pieces of wood
  • Fewer components are necessary for maintenance; it is an all-in-one solution
  • Also functions under wet and extremely cold conditions, because it operates without electricity
  • No protruding hydraulic hoses, making them invulnerable to damage and leakage

Using the ‘Self-Contained Tree-Removal Unit’, tree care becomes safer and more efficient. The combination is available via Altec and Altec will also distribute it in the United States. The combination is supported by Altec’s service network and the spare parts can also be obtained from Altec.

Go to the Altec website Download the spec sheet of Altec (PDF)

GMT035 part of the Heartland truck of Altec
GMT035 part of the Heartland truck of Altec