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How Altec (with the GMT035) has changed the work of Arborworks in California

May 8th, 2019

ArborWorks is based in California and shows in the video how Altec has changed their work.

Solely operated by a radio remote control, the Altec Heartland product line allows equipment operators to work outside of the drop zone with a clear line of sight. With minimal setup time, these units increase job site safety and productivity.

Lee said in the video: “This unit takes some of the most dangerous work and effectively removes what we perceive to be the majority of the danger related to human exposure. With the TGS units now on scene we’re able to do four to five times the amount of work that we can traditionally do”.

The Altec Heartland product line consists of an Effer knuckle boom crane en our grapple saw GMT035 (33-inch jaw opening, 14-inch cutting depth, 3,300-pound maximum lift capacity). The unit is entirely operated by a radio remote control, allowing operators to operate the control from a safe place with an optimal view. The EC225-6S-FG model provides an additional cutting height and has a rear-mounted configuration, allowing operators to set-up closer to the tree.

“Our experience working with Altec has been amazing. There’s no way that we could do what we do for our customers without the support that we get from Altec. Altec is always working to be innovative and apply some of the latest technologies to help make this work safer,” Lee said.